The current business model enables AMC to provide 24-hour healthcare delivery services covering two broad areas. These are general and specialist care. The main general care provided by AMC includes out-patient service, diagnostic services (laboratory service, MRI, CT-SCAN, Mammogram, ECG, radiology service, ultrasonography, endoscopy), in-patient service, pharmacy service, canteen and catering services and morgue service. The specialist services are obstetrics and gynecology, Fertility treatment, ENT, Eye clinic, Orthopedics, general surgery, Internal medicine and urology. Talks are on-going to collaborate with institutions in India to bring tertiary specialized services to AMC. We believe the opportunity exists to refer some select patients to collaborating institutions overseas based on affordability.

1.Dialysis and Nephrology: An area of great need where greater numbers of patients unable to access care. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) and perhaps another facility currently serving a population of more than 5 million. Also. kidney transplants are referred to abroad. Great business opportunity.

2. ICU: An area of great need where greater numbers of patients unable to access care. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) with 30 beds ICU currently serving a population of more than 10 million. Great business opportunity.

3. Cardiology unit lacking in an institution like AMC with the capacity and reputation to attract well to do clients across borders. Only one facility exists in Ghana for Cardiac surgeries with long waiting months for urgent surgeries.

4. Radiology: need to look into the possibility of distance interpretation of tests

5. No efficient interventional radiology service exist in an area serving about half of the country’s population

6. We need ultramodern eye center with diagnostic eye equipment for screening and diagnosis. Long waiting periods exist at KATH and a couple of other places

7. Dermatology services are lacking and great opportunity exists there

8. Urological services especially facilities to handle renal stones by way of lithotripsy

9. Enhancement of AMC’’s fertility center. A need for resident embryologist will be helpful

10. We have the basic infrastructure to embark upon strategic educational programs eg schools, communities, etc. We envision a need to be build up our own human resources. We have a 4 acre land and structures designated for medical education. Training of personnel could include Village Health Workers (VHW) who after training go back to their villages with an improved socioeconomic status to provide First Aid in their communities and screen patients to come to AMC. Such concept is in line with our Pyramidal Health Care where AMC serves as a Tertiary Center where cases screened by VHW and Nurse AID are referred to AMC (More discussion on that).

11. Enhancement of our diagnostic center including setting up satellite areas as collection points.

12. In all a reliable IT system is a requirement

Among the outcomes, patients will receive responsive care leading to improvement in the quality of life. Also, this will strengthen the capacity of AMC to respond adequately to new epidemiological trends and upsurge in diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other tertiary diseases which affect both the poor and wealthy.  Corporate entities will benefit from responsive care to reduce productivity loss when employees spend less time at the hospital. Finally, potential collaboration is also expected to transform AMC into a modern medical facility with the full complement of medical equipment offering humane care in an exquisite and ambient environment and offer customized care to the different segment of the clientele it serves.

of modern diagnostic equipment for full complement of specialist services enumerated above  and setting up of additional four (4) diagnostic centers  in Techiman (Brong-Ahafo Region), Takoradi (Western Region), Tamale (Northern Region) and HO (Volta Region) with limited diagnostic centers for evidence-based medicine.