Dr. Emmanuel Tuffour

The main promoter of AMC is Dr. Emmanuel Tuffour who is the main shareholder and Chairman of the Board of AMC. He left Ghana at age 20 to pursue medical education and graduated as a Physician Specialist in 1983. After more than ten years of concept development, he established AMC as his personal contribution to the transformation of healthcare in sub-Sahara Africa utilising a combination of business and social responsibility principles. Dr. Tuffuor also started the Complete Basic Health 2000, Inc as a non-profit organization and later developed an innovative healthcare financing structure called GhanaCare that helped in the sustenance of AMC until Government of Ghana (GoG) introduced the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The GhanaCare programme was so fascinating that it became part of a curriculum that was taught at Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine at the Department of International Health where Tuffuor holds a position as Assistant Clinical Professor of International Health and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Tuffuor is currently in private practice specialising in Internal Medicine (Physician Specialist) in the city of Cleveland, Ohio where he is in affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic Health Systems. He also served as co-medical director of Community Health at Suburban Hospital. In addition, Dr. Tuffuor serves as the Medical Director for Cuyahoga County Correctional Centre Health Services. His medical works and exploits in Africa has been featured in prominent newspapers such as The New Times and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Dr. Tuffuor’s exceptional medical management skills are demonstrated by his ability to have successfully run the hospital from USA since 1992 and have transformed it into a profitable venture.

Dr. Tuffuor plans to relocate to Ghana in December, 2021.